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The Global Network for Advanced Management leverages the expertise of its member business schools to address the big issues. Opportunities abound for students, faculty, alumni and staff to deepen their understanding of differences and commonalities in their economies and increase their effectiveness.

For Students

Opportunities for Students Across the Global Network Engage in Friendly Competition

Student competitions can be a fun way to engage with peers around the world. If you want to open up a competition or event at your school to students around the world, consider inviting students from other Global Network schools.

For Faculty & Staff

Global Network Perspectives is an online ideas-based magazine. Global Network Perspectives

Global Network Perspectives is the ideas-based online magazine that features the expertise, research, and opinions of faculty and other contributors from throughout the network, with an emphasis on the complexities of doing business in an increasingly interconnected world.

A recent Global Network Summit at Yale SOM. Opportunities to Engage

The Global Network community engages in joint teaching opportunities, case studies and faculty initiatives. Connect with the community on our LinkedIn Group, open to students, faculty, and staff from Global Network Schools.